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Life in Hell


Contemporary Soma @ The Bohemia Room (Grand Central)

697 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL – Downtown Miami

March 12, 2014

This picture is worth a thousand and one words…….nah I made that up  …sorry  …but seriously being asked “do you get nervous whenever you perform?” the answer three years ago would of been "yeah", but now why be nervous when you have something to say? I wanted to show this photo to the people who aren’t performers…  and say "would you be nervous if you have something to say?" (A question for a question). Talking about my music on here could be very light coming from me, but I’m not really talking about my music now… I’m still talking about this one microphone. As you could see nobody was there yet, but subconsciously this is what I see and feel in the duration of my skits. I don’t hear or see much, it’s peaceful up there to me, even if there’s someone wildlin’ in the audience. Every time I go to a show I gradually sense myself being more of the character I named myself three years ago. Mevoke means Mandella being the cause of something” it’s pronounced (M-evoke) not (Me-voke). Mandella is my legal name I was given from my dad after the great Nelson Mandela, he decided to add an extra “L” in my name, but I’m getting off topic now. Getting back on topic, I finished this poem in February, but way before I even started to write (in December I believe) I told myself "I wanna write a poem and then perform it somewhere" and that’s what I did… I showed up to this place I never been to before alone…  with no friends….no family….you could say this was a “me giving myself to the people” type of thing. They were respectful, but awfully quite, probably the depths in the poem synergized the environment or it could of been my hearing being detained from me. Who knows, but the experience of walking up to the mic is like someone telling me in my head “take what’s given to you” …that person never fails to tell me that in my head. This is the second time I didn’t recite my lyrics entirely for the entire day to refresh my memories before the performance. Going over it over and over and over again for a week or so should be enough. If it’s there it’s there, if it’s not there then it’s not there… it’s not me being hard on myself, you just gotta trust talent sometimes. Oddly enough I feel as if I have superpowers more than I even have talent, being able to place the people in a galaxy of emotions for two plus minutes is something I can’t take credit for. God is making me a better artist every day. I don’t know how or where my lines come from, but I do know the man above is the one blessing me with them.  Lastly before I end this, I would like to shove in this little reminder I’ve telling myself often… "If nobody celebrates you, celebrate yourself" ….that’s it.

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